Community screenings/licensing

If you would like to host a screening of Gaslit in your local community, at a film festival or an International Day of People with Disability event, you can purchase a community screening licence.

The licence comes with 3 x .mp4 versions of the film:

  • Gaslit – HD – Captioned
  • Gaslit – HD – Captioned and Audio Described
  • Gaslit – HD – Captioned – 29.97 fps 

If you need the film in a different format, or you would like to preview the film in a low-res format, please use the contact form here. We will do our best to sort out what you need.

Licences are offered based on the number of people attending your screening.

  • 1-100 attendees: $100 AUD
  • 101-200 attendees: $150 AUD
  • 201 or more attendees: $180 AUD

Share a few details about your event, and purchase a community screening licence, by clicking on the button below: